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Duke Nukem's Four Guns Forever

There are many reasons to criticise Duke Nukem Forever. The incoherence, the leaden dialogue, the back-tracking, the unconvincing claimed satire of its attitude towards women, the half-baked mini-games, the oppressive linearity... and, perhaps most acutely for those who were more prepared to forgive such follies due to their fondness for the character and his earlier games, the strict two-weapon carry limit. I can't imagine there's much hope of DNF's recharging health being thrown out, but Duke's arsenal is about to be made a little less puny...

Two is about to become four, thanks to an impending patch that enabled Dukes to strap more weapons to his back at once. Finally, the big lunk can actually put those ridiculous muscles of his to good use. I can't see myself ever playing the game again, but I do think this a good move on the dev's part - genuine repsonse to feedback, and it could well make the oddly rare sections of the game containing out-and-out firefights a little more agreeably over-the-top.

That's happening for all versions of the game, but the PC edition is due for a few platform-specific updates too. Specifically:

Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) support
Push-to-talk voice chat
FOV adjustment
"Other fixes and improvements that are still being tested."

I can't help but notice that 'introductory screen containing 3000-word apology to every purchaser' isn't included on that list. I'm joking, of course. That would be ridiculous. Because at least fourteen purchasers really liked the game, and they're sure to very calmly say as much below.

Patch details via the Gearbox forum, by the way.

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