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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


I never intended for that picture to become the official header for What Are You/We All Playing This Weekend, you know. I found myself in charge of this section one week and thought I'd find a nice picture of a pond - which was where I intended to mostly spend my weekend. Finding nothing in antique illustration archives (we have our whole antiquated Britishness schtick, yeah?), I turned to what else I'd be doing: appearing in visions, indulging my nymph side, and firing cannons at ghastly moustaches.

Anyway, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're into:

Adam: What a week. I've spent the last couple of days wanting to load up one or all of the following: Downwell, Mushroom 11 and Broforce. I've been playing the latter since the first build was available way back when and it's a brilliant platform-shooter that is far more intelligent than the meme-happy theme might suggest. Downwell is a superb shooter about gunshoes that reminds me of a slighter, rejigged Binding of Isaac. And Mushroom 11 is novel and gorgeous, and even though it's a puzzle game, early investigation suggests I'm not too much of an idiot to play it. I'm going to gorge on all three. ["oh man, that's another thing for me to play this weekend" Adam added when I mentioned Brigador -ed.]
Alec: [Presumably to teach me a lesson about timeliness and planning ahead, Alec has gone on holiday and left no word of what he might be playing this weekend. This is all to get back at me for my tardiness with Have You Played? columns, I'm sure, but I'm all up-to-date now so I'm sure we'll hear from him next week. -ed.]
Alice: As I already given away elsewhere, I shall be playing Brigador. Stomping and hovering around futurecities as stealthily or noisily as I please sounds grand, thank you very much. I became mired in the boring bits of The Phantom Pain but would like to push through and finish up; I'm not far from the end, but am 70-ish% completed due to focusing on unrewarding side bits. Yeah, that was a mistake. Also, I've had some damn fool notion of finishing Duke Nukem Forever - don't ask.
Graham: I'm hoping to break back in to prison for another go of Prison Architect's escape mode. My first attempts were marked by bugs, but were nonetheless enjoyable. In fact, they were arguably more fun for the weirdness that happened along the way. I'm now curious whether the game plays differently if I'm trying to escape from a completely different prison.
John: [What's John playing this weekend? You tell me, as he won't - answers in the comments below, please. Reader 'bonuswavepilot' was right on the money with this last week:

"I think he has transcended our ordinary causality, and is now staring – just a bit worried – at the fractally branching multiverse, trying to remember which branch he was supposed to be in (or at least one that seems close enough)."]

Philippa: This weekend is more esports. I'm at Wembley watching the League of Legends quarter-finals for another couple of days. In the spaces around that it will likely a console kind of a weekend as Iron Banner (a PvP event) is running in Destiny. I might also see if I can make some more progress on the Talos Principle expansion.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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