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Eden Games Devs Create Blossom Minds

After the brouhaha at Eden Games, leading to the team going on strike over what they claimed was poor management from Atari, a number of the key players have had enough and broken off to form their own studio. So Blossom Minds is born. There's ten former Eden peeps in the new team, describing themselves as "veterans and high-profile game developers", declaring they are done with AAA, and now intend to release games digitally, beginning next year.

A (rather silly) press release announcing the new studio explains their aims,

"Blossom Minds is built on strong gameplay values, graphical skills and in-house state of the art technology, making smaller games but with big production polish."

Clearly fed up with having worked for publishers for so long, Blossom Minds is aiming for the digital distribution market, or as they put it,

"We are done with AAA titles; let us bring the OOOOOOH! instead."

Their first game is due next year, and they say they'll be announcing it soon. Although there is a disclaimer accompanying the 2012 planned release:

"*Release date may slightly vary in case of end of the world"

We've contacted the new team to see if they want to have a chat.

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