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Origin Charging £45 For SW:TOR Pre-Orders!

Update: GAME are now selling the Collector's Edition for... £130!

Yesterday's leak of the Star Wars: The Old Republic special edition has proven, not surprisingly, to be accurate. With ComicCon starting today, EA have somewhat pre-empted their in-show announcement by going official with the various packages on their site, perhaps in response to the rumours that swirled yesterday. However, while confirming everything that was expected (including that spunky mouse), they've yet to add a proper price to it all, despite claiming you can pre-order now. And as for the regular versions - the prices out there are looking ridiculous.

At the time of publishing, clicking on their giant "PRE-ORDER NOW!" button takes you to a list of retailers around the world accepting pre-orders. In the UK that's Game, Play.com and Amazon.co.uk. The problem being, none of them actually has the Collector's Edition available to pre-order, somewhat undermining that "NOW!"

As for the regular edition, Amazon.co.uk explains that it's "currently unavailable". Game has it at the frankly ludicrous pre-order price of £40. And Play doesn't have it listed at all.

GameStop in the US have a listing in their search results, pricing the standard version at $60, but when you click through the page has been removed. Meanwhile Best Buy and Walmart have never heard of it.

But what about Origin - EA's own online store? Oh good grief.

The "Standard Edition" is priced at an extraordinarily unstandard £45, while the "Digital Deluxe" version is an eye-hurting £60! It also says there's the pre-order fee of £5, and I can't see anywhere that says this is deducted from the total amount. Goodness knows.

But the Collector's Edition? I've finally found somewhere claiming to sell it. That's the US Amazon.com, who price the giant box at a gob-smacking $150 (£93). You can see what's in it at the site, or here.

We've contacted EA to see if these prices are for real, and when we can expect the Collector's Edition to actually be pre-orderable in the UK.

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