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BioWare: SW:TOR Will Still Be Going In 2025

Every MMO developer likes to think that their game will last longer than the norm. That norm, for AAA Western MMOs, is growing increasingly brief. Which makes BioWare's ambitions for Star Wars: The Old Republic, impressively bold. Discussing what their game will be doing in 2025 requires the sort of cajones that can only impress us into believing them. That's what Eurogamer reported that Darth Hater reported.

The game plans to have 19 major worlds at launch, along with a bunch of minor worlds, and they plan to add to this as the game goes along. So claims senior creative director James Ohlen, who goes on to say,

"We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we'll hopefully have 500 worlds."

I'm just doing the maths here, hang on...

...carry the three...

...less the differential...

...adjusting for traffic...


Brilliant as they may be, they've been making this game for at least five years and are 19 worlds in. If they maintain the dedication and narrative that defines the game, in another 14 years they'd have one hundred more at most. Unless he means the minor ones, in which case they could probably create 500 in a weekend.

Never mind that in 14 years I can't imagine we'll be playing games in any way that seems meaningful now. 14 years ago was 1997 - we barely had genuine 3D. On computers made of straw. By 2025 we'll be playing games on the microprocessors in our brains, as we swoop home from spacework on our light-gliders. Should that include the same MMOs we're playing now I'll be extremely impressed.

So good luck to them, I say. I absolutely cannot wait to play SWTOR, craving a narrative-focused MMO as I am. I'm yet to be convinced I'll still be playing it when I'm 47. But please get back to me then to call me an idiot.

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