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A Tale of The Book Of Unwritten Tales

Much like The Neverending Story, I suspect The Book of Unwritten Tales of at least playing a little fast and loose with the truth. I've seen its main menu. It's a book. That book quite clearly contains writing. In the words of wise Lord British, "Busted, you scoundrel bastard!"

But I digress. The Book of Unwritten Tales is a German adventure that I could have sworn was released in English back in 2009, although it turns out that this was merely a cunning ruse. The title was in English, yes, but the game only came in Foreign. Judging from the scores, it seems to have gone down pretty well for everything from production values to humour, although I've played enough German adventures to be a more than a little wary of that particular claim. Looking at you, Jack Keane. Looking at you, with goring hate in my eyes.

The plot focuses on an archeologist called Mortimer McGuffin... hmmm... discovering the location of a powerful artefact, and three wacky heroes setting out to retrieve it and defeat an evil Army of Shadows. Looking around, I see very pretty graphics, lots of parodies, and a mysterious absence of Lani Minella on the IMDB cast list. Isn't she in all these things, by law?

Here's a quick trailer that says... very little, except how long this game's English language release has been delayed. I shall say no more. Though I shall cough meaningfully.

Cover image for YouTube video

In all seriousness, this one does look promising. It's certainly a looker, and if the translation job is up to scratch, there's no reason it shouldn't be a funny riff on the genre. It's due out in the ever mysterious "Fall", unless you speak German, in which case you can grab it right now.

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