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Off Kilter: Sky Island

Remember Fez? The perspective shifting 2D platformer where you can shift your perspective around? Hang on, haven't we been here before? Yes, Sky Island is not the first game to be, uh, heavily influenced by Fez, but it's a good spot of fun, and you get to use mouselook to rotate your perspective.

Sky Island's the name of the game, it's made up of lots of pretty pixels, and you can spin them round and round and round. It really does work pretty similarly to how Fez works, based on the trailers I've seen of it anyway, and the direct control of the rotation is a bit nice.

It's equal parts puzzle solving and platforming, as you have to work out how to collect all the stars in each level, whilst jumping on the baddies heads, and avoid falling off the platforms. It seems dead simple at first, but it escalates in complexity fairly quickly, and you'll have to have your wits about you for some of the later levels. It keeps things mixed up with new elements like mushroom springs for super jumps, one way waterfalls for reaching lower levels, and enemies that you have to trick into standing on a specific tile to die, all of which push you into experimenting with the clever 2D/3D world in different ways.

It's sort of unforgiving, if you die part way through a level then you have to repeat the whole thing, but the levels are relatively bite sized. There's a points system that I've not quite divined yet (you get points for collecting optional coins, and I think finishing a level quickly gives you a bonus) and leaderboards for the competitive types out there.

Sky Island is by Neutronized, good pixel crafting says I.

Cheers Amolain for the link.

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