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Ramblings of the Mad God, Day 4: Injustice


All this, and for what?

God stinking dammit jesus bollocking christ you have to be shitting kidding me no cocking way this just isn't fair I can't bloody believe it whywhywhywhywhy for fuck's sake god almighty I was doing so well whywhywhywhy I'm never playing this evil, evil, evil, evil, evil game ever again alright I'm playing it now but I hate it it's the worst thing ever what did I do to deserve this god I'm so angry so incredibly angry it's not my fault just because I was looking at a red hat and the ground and then bam, dead in one shot it doesn't make any sense something must have gone wrong or the game was cheating or something I hate it I was going to beat I was just like one more kill from hitting level 20 the top level you can get and then I'd have been the king of the world and unlocked a new class and I was doing so well I'd killed these huge squid lord things and giant cubes and like a ghost king or something and there were priests everywhere so I was getting healed but then BAM dead with no warning, and I had all this incredible loot that's now just lying in a field somewhere and someone's who probably a complete bastard who kicks puppies has found it and now I bet he's level 20 and he's killed Oryx and everyone's talking about how amazing he is and he's probably even wearing that red hat that got me killed and if I insert a screenshot right now it's probably going to break my flow but I'll do it anyway because otherwise this post is going to look even more insane than it already does and here you go like you care but anyway

so there you go that was me doing amazing things before I died but then I did die and it's not fair that I died and I bet you don't even care do you, you don't even care that I did manage to get back to the Nexus before the Snake Queen killed me and it was so exciting and from there I was incredibly careful and fought my way all the way to level 19 and I was sure, sure, sure I was going to get to 20 but then I didn't and I don't even know what killed me and now when I spellcheck this it's going to underline it green and say 'run-on sentence consider revising' or something and I'll just feel even worse like I'm a failure at everything and I'm so cross and so tired and I'm going to go to sleep now and I'm definitely not going to start playing Realm of the Mad God again definitely not an archer with the Fire Bow I managed to stash before I died and definitely not a Rogue with the rare invisibility cloak or a wizard with the +100 Magic ring I found and definitely not ever again ever until tomorrow or maybe right now and whatever I do I'm going to be punished for it and it's going to be horrible but I won't be able to stop I wish I'd never started but this game is great and god it's so unfaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir.

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