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VVVVVV v2.0: Now With Added Notch

We all loved Terry Cavanagh's wonderful VVVVVV last year, didn't we? Well I certainly did, that Kieron bloke did, and a straw poll of my hands unanimously voted in favour it. Universal approval if ever I saw it. Fantastic news: Terry has joined up with programmer Simon Roth to push out a major update to VVVVVV. Here's the what's new in VVVVVVersion 2.0:

  • Full mod tools included!
  • Custom levels by Mojang Specification's Notch!
  • A reworked engine, using native C++ instead of Flash. Should run much faster, and "runs on even utterly rubbish systems and ones with no dedicated gpu"!
  • Enhanced resolution support and options!
  • Proper save files, so clearing your flash cache won't delete your saves!
  • Bonus Analogue graphics mode!
  • !

Isn't that all just lovely? If you never bothered to play VVVVVV first time around, it's available for whatever price you see fit, as part of the Humble Indie Bundle 3, right now. The bundle version is 2.0, and the update should be being pushed out across the other download services shortly.

Who's going to make Veni Vidi Veni Vidi Veni Vidi Veni Vidi Vici? Or as we call it: VeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeee....

Update: Terry has done a big blog post with more juicy details, is going to be posting about it on twitter for the next few weeks, and Simon is posting tech gubbins too. Just a few minutes ago they mentioned that you should keep your old saves, because they might make a save exporter.

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