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Twisted Pixel 'Sploding Back Onto PC?

Poking around in my Steam account the other day, and what did I see? Well, as you might have guessed by that big screenshot up there, a listing for Ms. Splosion Man popped into my library. I'm not entirely sure why - no one else I spoke to has seen it. You can see the screenshot in full here. It didn't actually launch, and since then it has been replaced with the equally mysterious "ValveTestApp105420", but I reckon it's a safe bet that at some point there will be a PC release for what was currently still only announced for an XBLA release.

Twisted Pixel's first game, The Maw, was released on the almighty grey box back in 2009, but since then they've been Xbox exclusive. If they signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft, perhaps after three games (the original 'Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and kinect waggle-em-up "The Gunstringer"), they are now free to come back into the PC fold.

I really liked 'Splosion Man on the console toy. Like all of Twisted Pixel's games, it's bursting with character and charm. The platforming and wall jumping is tighter than Mario's dungarees, and smashing through glass is endless fun. I hope the sequel doesn't have any rubbish boss fights though.

We contacted Twisted Pixel to find out more, but they have yet to get back to us. Don't tell them you heard it from me, and make sure to act surprised when they officially announce it.

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