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Horse Armour To Go: DLC Comes To Steam…

…and while that DLC isn’t anywhere near as menial as Bethesda’s infamously insulting initial extra content for Oblivion, I do so love that the phrase “horse armour” has become a part of the gaming vernacular. It’s games’ “jumping the shark”.

Anyway, to get to the point – while the hard drive-equipped consoles enjoy/suffer from ubiquitous in-game systems to download extra content, free and otherwise, it’s not something that’s been anywhere near standardised on PC. There’s a raft of separate, competing and often clunky stores and services for the games that do offer it, and it’s partially for that reason that we haven’t suffered the deluge of crapshoot that PCs’ ever-online nature could otherwise enable.
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Big Mouth Strikes Again: The Maw

RPS knows all. Sometimes we don’t, though. Hush, it’s okay: don’t lose your faith. Gods can be flawed. For instance, we weren’t particularly aware of The Maw until Steam popped up a big splash-message about it a couple of days ago. It’s not our fault: we’re really very stupid. Also, there hasn’t been much of a pre-release build-up for some reason, and perhaps most importantly there isn’t a demo, the life-blood of unknown-factor games. So this is something you’ll have to take a gamble on. And you should because – woah nelly – I think this could just be our next World of Goo. Maybe.

Update – Heliocentric reveals there is a demo after all! Meer fails at basic research.

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