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Humble Bundle 3: Now With Free Minecraft

This post is irrelevant, of course. I mean, who reading this doesn't have a Minecraft account? No, I'm not talking to you, grumpy-pants. But if, somehow, you haven't played the game of blocks yet, here's a way to give it a spin without signing on the dotted line. Anyone who buys the Humble Indie Bundle 3 will, no matter what they elect to pay for it, be granted free access to Minecraft until August 14.

Not a full account admittedly, but still pretty generous. Unlike the guy who's trying to sell copies of the Humble Bundle 3 (which, lest we forget, is partially for charity) for a profit on eBay, presumably aimed at folk who haven't heard about HB3. (That via Reddit). I can't prove he paid the lowest sum possible for his copies of HB3, of course, but, y'know. Those listings speak volumes. Guess he's not breaking any law, but if he's doing what he appears to be doing, he is being hideous and exploitative, and all for the sake of just a few bucks. That's a crime as far as I'm concerned.

Fortunately, HB3 is doing pretty well regardless of such devilry. It's shifted 151,159 copies at the time of writing, bringing in $727,293 for the developers and charities involved. The highest sum paid for a single bundle so far goes, as it did last year, to Minecraft's Notch, who forked out $4,048 for a copy of the pack - which contains VVVVVV, And Yet It Moves, Cogs, Hammerfight and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

Grab your own copy, presumably for a rather lower price (although fame surely awaits you if you can stump up more than Notch did), here.

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