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Lend A Few Squid To Octodad 2

Oh, Octodad. Your mere existence makes me happier than I could ever truly describe. So happy, in fact, that I'm willing to break the unofficial 'no posting about Kickstarter projects unless/until there's playable proof of concept' RPS rule. Octopad, I think it's safe to say, has very much proved itself. As any game simulating the life of an octopus who is also the father and husband in a human family naturally would.

So what comes next? Well, some money, hopefully. The devs deserve it. And once they have that money, they can make Octodad 2: bigger, better, octopusier. Rather than going down the Octodads route, they're exploring more of the strange, wobbly life of the original Cephalopod patriarch.

Here's the announcement video, which ends on a (mercifully unanswered) question than conjures frankly distressing mental images. PROTECT THE INNOCENT:

Planned release date is about a year from now, on PC and Mac, hopefully with a bit of Steam love.

And here's the Kickstarter page, which as well as funding OD2's development includes some frankly brilliant rewards for those prepared to lay down more significant sums of money. I seriously want the rather lovely Octodad t-shirt, so have thrown down for that, but if I somehow had $100 to burn I'd totally want the Octodad statue. If I had $1000, I'd want the custom-made Octodad costume:

Only I'd ask that it be tailored to fit my cat.

They're after $20k by August 10, and they're $6000 in already. You know what to do.

Oh, and just to remind ourselves of the collapsing majesty of Octodad the first:

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