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Pixeljunk Eden Coming To PC

Is it a puzzle game? Is it a platformer? Why PixelJunk Eden is a bit of both, even if it hides it under the sort of abstract silliness that makes it impossible to describe in a precis. I've rewritten this intro three times already, and still haven't managed to fully understand what the hell you do.

You're in control of a Grimp (a portmanteau of 'grip' and 'jump') a creature that has to pollenate an evolving plant world, beating up enemies and grabbing bundles of energy and light. It's abstract, but rather pretty and a treat for the senses as it is your fingers. I've roped in Adam, who has played the PS3 original, in order to give you a clearer picture.

Tiny creatures fling themselves through neon gardens by shooting webs from their asses in a bid to eat the pollen that fuels their miserable lives. An invisible god-like DJ observes and commentates through the medium of his turntables from somewhere in Japan.

… Okay, that wasn't helpful. Let me now turn to Wikipedia, a bastion of crowd-sourced clarity, to further our knowledge.

In PixelJunk Eden, players, as "Grimps", swing from abstract plant shapes to move about the garden, attacking the six-sided pollen carriers in order to gather the small pollen particles that can turn dormant seeds into activated seeds. The new seeds can be used to create new plants and gain further mobility in the garden.

Rrrriighht. Erm. So, it's an abstract platformer for one to four players, and is out on Steam next week. That'll do.

Via Kotaku.

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