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Racing Towards Release: rFactor 2 Hits Beta

Any drivers willing to put their hands in their pockets as well as pedals to the metal can now get hold of the rFactor 2 beta. It's been out for a few days, so you can check the forums to see how series fans think it's shaking out and if it's worth taking an early punt on.

But how advanced a simulation can you expect? Sexy rubber-on-road action follows...

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RPS Tips Corner: Drive faster than that if you want to win any races.

There's still no release date for the finished version, though it's going to be quite a while off, but this beta does include support for modding and plenty of players have already dived in and started working with it. The basic concept of paying for a beta still seems somewhat odd (though hardly the worst thing that's happened to the concept since Google held it down and started hitting it with brambles a few years ago) but at least this way you'll be helping out the developers regardless of whether or not you ever get around to reporting a single bug.

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