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Kingdoms Of Amalur's Non-Combat Bits

It's yet another Kingdoms of Amalur video. There have been so many that I almost skipped straight past this one, continuing on my way through the internets in search of something more succulent. An unfathomable urge caused me to linger, however, and to watch. I'm glad I did because it's the first time any footage of the game has managed to convince me there'll be more to do than stabbing, skewering and spellocide. Sneaking, robbing, persuading, charming and exploring. Those are the kinds of things heroes get up to when they're not committing murders. Take a look-see and then stick around for news of an imminent demo.

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I've moved through total disinterest about the game into a mild but persistent conviction that it will be thoroughly undemanding and almost entirely enjoyable. This last video is tipping me toward actually looking forward to it with no small amount of eagerness. I'm hoping it'll be a good example of a game that has calibrated its goals early in development and won't overreach or fall flat on its face. I tend to love the overreachers and the broken-nosed stumblers very much indeed but there's room in my life for a simple and polished fantasy romp.

The demo is due January 17th and this is the word:

The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo features the introduction to the game, allowing players to experience the game’s Tutorial Mode and a portion of its large, open world. Players will create and customize their hero and drop right into the action. Once players master the basics, they will have 45 minutes to explore the vast world of Amalur and begin to embark upon a quest that could redefine their character’s destiny forever.

Cor. Destiny changing forever, within a demo? I think they're referring to the fact that it's possible to unlock items for the full game in the demo. That's some destiny-altering stuff right there. They're also doing that silly cross-world stuff again, with the Amalur demo unlocking fantasy-type equipment for Mass Effect 3 and the Mass Effect 3 demo unlocking sci-fi styled gear for Amalur. As soon as I've finished typing I shall fold my arms and slowly shake my head.

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