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Vohaul Astral: Space Quest Remake & Sequel

Any Space Quest fans out there? A remake and a sequel would like to make your acquaintance. The remake is of Space Quest II and the sequel takes place after Space Quest VI. They were made by different teams but just made me aware of them both, and the antagonist is the same chap in both. Reason enough to bundle them into one post, I reckon. There's no voice acting in Vohaul Strikes Back, the sequel, but the team are planning to add it at a later date. Both are free, which may convince me to take a crack at Space Quest II after all these years. Trailers follow.

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I am quite taken with those graphics, I must say.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Less so with those, but I am but one horse on my course.

I wish John was here. He'd be able to tell you more about all of this but I think he's roaming the wilds of the internet, protecting the denizens out there with his mighty pen (actually a keyboard). Here's what I know about Space Quest - Roger Wilco is a janitor who ends up saving his own skin and possibly the world in a hapless fashion, over and over again. Is that right? I only played the first one and when I reached the desert planet (or was it just a desert on a regular planet that had various biomes?) I swiftly gave up on the trial and error nature of not dehydrating and went elsewhere for my kicks.

Mr Walker reckons the fourth in the series is quite the thing and the amount of unique gags written for useless interactions makes it sound a bit like Ben There, Dan That. No bad thing. Maybe that's the one I should try.

Right. Free adventure games. Enjoy! There's a Mac version of the remake incoming and I'm informed it works well through Wine.

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