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Kingdoms Of Amalamadingdongdemo

38 Studios/Big Huge Games' promising but awkwardly-named RPG Kingdoms of Ham Sandwich: Baconing is only three weeks away now, and you can treat your EYES and EARS and FINGERS and WHATEVER OTHER ORGANS YOU USE TO PLAY GAMES WITH to a fairly sizeable Amalur demo from the Steams right now. So far it's content I already played for a preview a while back, but it's well worth a look yourself, to grasp the tone of the game (exposition-heavy fantasy wibbling, I fear, but generously the cutscenes are skippable), the look and the slightly weird-feeling controls, as well as exploring the different playable races, the beard-tastic character customiser and the first touches of combat/skill specialisation.

Yeah, it comes off as fairly console-y and it's a bit light of touch as RPGs go - I'm thinking a less restrictive, significantly more statty Fable to some degree, much as comparisons are the devil's work - but gut feeling so far is it's probably going to be pretty good time if approached on its own stabby-stabby merits rather than by holding it against an RPG wishlist. Obviously much depends on the finished product though: I don't want anyone calling my blither here a 'review'.

Anyway, grab the near-3GB demo from right over here. Yes, you need to use Steam. Yes, it's an EA game on Steam. In fact, the demo appears to be exclusive to Steam - while you can pre-order the game from Origin (and get some kind of bonus DLC gubbins), there's no sign of the demo. Howzabout them apples, eh?

Important updatey update: aha, it was hidden on an entirely different part of Origin. Here you go.

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