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Let The Wookiee Waltz - SWTOR's God-Cheat

Taptaptap. Is this thing on? One, two, one two. Hello mum. One two. Two. Two. Two. And she's buyyyyyyyying a stairway to heavennnnnnnnnn. One two, one two. Okay, 2012 is go!

I've occasionally wondered what it would have been like had RPS been around back when World of Warcraft first launched. The excitement, the moaning about queues and bugs and griefers and customer support, the mad little adventures in a new world. SWTOR offers a taste of what might have been, though the deep familiarity of EA's MMO means RPS as a whole hasn't been able to conjure the drooling desperation to play that we had for WoW back in the day. I am quite sure, however, that we would have found all sorts of things like this to post about - an exploit that keeps your character safe from harm if you can activate a safety dance in time.

This'll be patched out any picosound now I'm sure, but here's how it goes. Type '/getdown' and you will starting busting a move. Additionally, any enemy currently targeting you will be interrupted. Including if it's a boss about to do some monstrous special attack. That there is what they call an exploit. Here's how it looks in action:

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Dance, dance for your life! Dance then, wherever you may be, for you are the lord of the dance said a bug in the MMO.

It's quite lovely, and frankly it's the kind of teething problem I'd expect from an MMO in its early days, though I am surprised this one didn't rear its rhythmic head in beta. Oh well, it'll be gone soon, more's the pity. Unless it's a secret Force power.

Allegedly one of the guys who posted this video on the official, warning-heavy SWTOR forums received this message, which he later share on the hive of GIFs and villainy that is 4Chan:

"We recently removed your thread about the /getdown video. We appreciate you trying to bring it to our attention but we do not allow the posting of potential exploits on the forums. Note this message is just to let you know and is NOT a warning against your account!"

I imagine they're being a little more careful about warnings and bans right now.

Thanks, A N et al.

Bonus: the entire galaxy must have been invincible during the end-of-beta Dance Party:

Watch on YouTube

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