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Prototype 2 PC Delayed Until July

I've just learned something new. Games decay. Did you know that? While they're sitting there, waiting for you to buy them, content rots away from them, flaking away like a sort of scabby flesh-rust. At least, that's the terrifying explanation I'm assuming is behind the fact that Prototype 2 will contain 55 'items' that unlock in the weeks following its launch that will only be available to those who buy the game early. They are the "biggest" and "best" fans, you see, so they get more of a game. It's not decaying at all, is it? It's some form of retail-driven dissection dickery. Doesn't matter to us though because they've also delayed the PC release to July 24. Here's a video about the content that you can't play.

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I'm not feeling particularly incentivised by this RADNET stuff. It's probably safe to assume that most of the 55 items are crap anyway and will probably be available to everyone at some point. If the DVD era has taught me anything, it's that when there's talent behind the construction of a thing, its deleted scenes were deleted for a damn good reason.

We await information on the reason for the delay.

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