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Cutting Edge: New Prototype 2 Anti-Helicopter Propaganda

If I'm reading Prototype 2 correctly, it's actually an extremely subtle environmental message. I mean, just look at the evidence: main character James Heller goes out of his way time and time again to slice, dice, and skewer vehicles of all shapes and sizes. No car is safe from his bladed assault, and when helicopters try to lend their wheeled pollution-spewing compatriots a helping spritz of machine gun fire, Heller makes sky sushi out of them as well. He also sort of, you know, carves up a few people, but I'm sure it was a simple mistake. From the right angle, people do bear a striking resemblance to helicopters. Honestly, it can be kind of awkward. "Hey, Boeing AH-64 Apache," people will call out to me on the street. "Oh, wait, I thought you were someone else. Never mind." Now watch a very angry man slice a... wait, is that me?! No, no, just a helicopter. Phew. It's after the break.

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Prototype 2 is coming to PC on July 30 - three months after it hits consoles in, like, five seconds. It's cool, though, because this is going to stop piracy. Forever. Turns out, a three-month delay is all it took. Gosh, thank goodness it's such a simple and straightforward issue. I really hate shades of gray that are symptomatic of a tremendous shift in the way media is consumed and color society as we know it. So here's a sigh of relief on that one.

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