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Online FPS World-Record: 999 On A Server

The lovely Hypnotoad and his friends at the equally lovely J-Server Super Hyper Rocket Go Luxury Awesome Team (usually tragically shortened to J-Server) took part in the weekend's world-record breaking attempt at having 1000 people in an online shooter. If you missed out on Much Different's Man Vs Machine event, they braved the unbalanced sides, and the usual torrent of sexualised slurs, to grab a few minutes of footage of the world-record: 999 people shooting each other on a single online server.

The point was never about the graphics or the quality of the game: just a proof-of-concept that the company's server tech could handle a multiplayer pile-on of epic proportions. It's been rubber-stamped by Guinness as a success. Here's how it looked from a player's perspective. WARNING: there are a few bad words thrown around in the game's chat channel that made do a sad smilie IRL. :(

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You know what it reminds me of? A TV show or movie's interpretation of what a game looks like. Imagine a someone holding a joypad upside down, clicking all the buttons at once. See? Anyway, such is the proliferation of BAD SWEARS in the video I had a look at Much Different's official images taken during the event. Click this to have a better view. If this was the one they chose, imagine the language deployed in the rejected screens?

He said a BAD swear.

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