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Rebound: The Binding Of Isaac Expansion

I still haven't done everything there is to do in The Binding of Isaac and it's one of the few games that I'll happily revisit for achievements and items. I want every item and I want to kill every boss with every character. That's why the news of an expansion fills me with pleasure and anxiety, although not in equal measure. The anxiety is tiny and might just be the standard white noise of dread that hums in my ears whenever I'm awake. The pleasure is immense. I always hoped Isaac would continue to sprout growths and the free Halloween update was ace. The next will require a small payment - it's going by the name The Wrath of the Lamb and according to Edmund, it adds about 50% new content. More details below.

It's early stages yet, with only a few days work done and I don't think there's a detailed master plan. I imagine ideas for new items and enemies strike in the dark of night and Edmund wakes screaming from trouble sleep and darts to the computer, compelled to make his nightmares real. It's exactly how the vast majority of children's television is created.

So here's what we know. For $3 you'll get over 70 new items, including an entirely new category, trinkets, which provide passive bonuses. There will also be a new player character and a new, TRUE, final boss. "More of everything" is the key claim, and I'd guess that means enemies, levels, items, layouts, minibosses, tarot cards and bodily fluids.

My guesswork didn't cover music though and my guesswork was wrong. At least five new tracks are promised. Expect the expansion in the first half of this year and keep in mind that there's also a new game in development at Team Meat and it's definitely not Super Meat Boy 2.

While digging for details, I also learned this: "The devil isnt random, hes a reward for playing well. the better you play the higher chances he has of appearing." Well, I never. I would like everybody to know that it is a rare occasion indeed when I don't meet the devil while crawling through the cellar. I AM SO GOOD AT THIS GAME.

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