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Microsoft Flight Trailer Takes To The Airs

After over 340 years in development, there's finally a trailer for Microsoft Flight. It's the reboot of the previously defunct Flight Simulator series, beginning stuck on the islands of Hawaii, but coming out for free. The trailer doesn't really emphasise the hardcore side of the game at all, so those hoping to find out if it'll meet their MSFS needs will have to wait a bit longer.

It's a strangely presented trailer. Coming from within Microsoft, it feels far more like one of their trailers from Windows 8 than an ultra-realistic flight sim. The cheery voiced chap narrating shots of planes flying through tunnels collecting tokens isn't perhaps quite going to appeal to their hardcore faithful. They're obviously aiming to pick up a new audience here, via the casual-friendly route of being free, but I think it would likely be in their interests to maybe put out a specialist trailer that offers a little more detail for the people who are likely to fork out cash once they've got the free base.

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