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Today's Greatest Thing Ever: Elevator Source

Elevators, or as we Brits call them, dangleboxes, get a fair showing in gaming. Very few FPS titles will let you reach their final bossmonster without having had at least one go on the world's slowest ride, giving you a moment's pause, before they inevitably shudder to a halt as you're ripped out of the side of the building by something with more tentacles than manners. But until now (to my knowledge at least, inevitable person who knows of a game on the Amiga) they've yet to receive a game dedicated just to them. And that's what we have in the Half-Life 2 mod, Elevator: Source. YES.

Created by the undeniable geniuses at Pixeltail Games, Elevator: Source is a no-holds-barred elevator simulator, that requires Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Garry's Mod be installed on your machine. And I really suggest you do.

Because right now I'm in the lift with a man called Lizard Wizard, someone called Barney whose head is on fire, and a skellington called Jaykin. Watching through the elevator doors as a factory line of dancing pixel robots go past, over a pit of fire. Before the doors close and we're off somewhere else. Barney and Jay keep giving each other furtive glances. And now we've stopped at the seaside, where Derek in his yellow rubber ring and blue suit has just got on board.

This is bloody brilliant. For the first time in my life, I desperately want to play a game in multiplayer. It has made me laugh out loud so many times.

Not convinced? Here are a group of people playing it together for 45 minutes.

Watch on YouTube

Huge thanks to John B for the tip.

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