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Thief Gold Sneaks Onto GOG.com

I can't believe that writing about a 14 year-old game is getting both me and Adam so excited (He: "This is the best thing ever!”), but Looking Glass's genre-defining classic Thief is now available to download on Good Old Games. I'm downloading it right now, Taffer.

What to say? Oh, yeah - it costs £6.54, or $9,99. It's the game that utterly defined what I expected out of first-person games. More than Half-Life, more than Doom, Thief ruined my ability to play anything other than a stealthy character when given the opportunity to choose. It's too good of a game to have played in my formative years: no 16 year-old should be presented with a Looking Glass game written by Ken Levine. The only thing that's manged to worm its way into my heart in a similar fashion is System Shock 2.

Modern PCs have left Thief behind. I've been hankering for a playthrough for a few years, but Windows 7 just doesn't play nicely. I'm about to double-click the the icon. There are tears in my eyes. Goodbye, RPS.

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