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This Means War: Man vs. Machine

Want to help market a company's game server scaling technology set a world record for the simple fun of it? Man vs Machine will be taking place on January 29th, with the goal of bringing 1000 players and a hell of a lot of spider monsters into one epic hour long battle.

Trailer and more information about what to expect follows, just as long as our server hasn't already joined the Machine side and decided to make this the first strike against humanity, in which case death, destruction and a lifetime of mining ore in the slave mines await.


Well, it's not the most awesome looking game, is it? Still, it's a browser based shooter built on Unity, which is only due to be made available on a first-come, first-served basis, so awesome graphics, amazing depth, and lasers that obey the laws of physics actually might be a little too much to ask in this case. If you want to play, just visit the site on the day between 14.00 and 15.00 CET. No registration is needed, though you'll obviously need to be quick.

Curious about the background to this war? Why? Why are you curious about that? It obviously doesn't matter. Still, never mind. You can check it out in handy comic form, right here.

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