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TF2Maps Preparing A New Payload Delivery

Any new Team Fortress 2 Payload maps are relevant to my interests. My interests being defending my themed house from carts of explosives while wearing a very silly hat. I rarely stray from Badwater Basin, but when I do it's for more Payload fun. So I'm eagerly awaiting the entries of the newly announced TF2Maps.net Dynamic Payload competition, to add a little excitement to the bomb on wheels.

As defined by the rules, a dynamic element could be “moving, turning, lifting, teleporting, cloning or turbo-boosting the payload cart”, but really it's up to the mapper to come up with something tied to the trundling of the cart. If I had any mapping skills at all, I'd make the level up with a series of moveable cubes, so when the cart reaches it's destination, the map would reconfigure itself. Depending on how many people are on the cart when the it reaches the control point, the level would configure differently. Any mapper that uses that idea must credit it as pl_sexington, or you'll hurt my feelings. You'll have till the end of April to get your map made.

TF2Maps are the biggest mapping community for the game, and Valve are pretty active within it, so there's a good chance of some of the entries catching Robin Walker's eye, if he can tear himself away from his horse. If you do enter, you'll receive plenty of feedback, some good, some bad, and some directed towards your mother, but it's a good place to be if you're interested in Source Engine mapping.

Via the Official TF2 blog.

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