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Yahtzee's Rabid Rabbits: Poacher

It's been a good while since Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw released a game of his own, although he's hardly been idle in that time, with Zero Punctuation and other projects continuing to devour his time. Now, through the magic of moving images, his newest game has been revealed to the world. It's called Poacher and its star is a stoical Yorkshireman (tautology intended) who finds himself caught in a battle between giant faces and killer bunnies. That's what I reckon anyway. Take a look for yourself.

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Apparently it's influenced by Cave Story.

Let it never be said that I am a man who will waste minutes of his life over-analysing a trailer for a computer game about a Yorkshireman killing rabbits. Never say it. BUT! What of the presence of what must be one of the most trailer-friendly pieces of music in recent years as well as the cute world turns menacing idea that I swear I've seen too many times since Eversion? Yahtzee is rarely easy on cliche in gaming, nor of pre-release trailers if memory serves, though more forgiving if they contain gameplay footage as this one clearly does.

Still, I'm curious and keen to see if there's anything odd going on here, beyond the presence of ghosts, underground cities and an evil rabbit kingdom beneath the Yorkshire Dales.

Maybe it's nothing more than a touch of smiling self-awareness. Maybe more. Whatever happens next, Cave Story with a Yorkshireman could be fun and I look forward to seeing the poacher become the poached. Let's just hope this doesn't give me as many nightmares as Watership Down, which I still haven't rewatched since I was a kid because I'm convinced there is nothing in the world more horrid than it.

Now, if you haven't already, go and play the lovely/scary point and click Trilby games, starting here.

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