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Magic: DiRT Showdown's Nevada 8 Ball

May will see the highly-evolved dust-and-mud particles of a new Dirt game being thrown up onto our screens. This one is called Showdown, and is as glitzy and noisy as any off-road racing game could possibly have any right to be. As we mentioned previously Showdown is more of a spin off from the main series than a genuine sequel, and will be less focused on the traditional racing and more on destruction and the alarming things that happen with cars crash into each other, or static objects. So that should be entertaining. The trailer below shows something called Nevada 8 Ball, which seems to involve large American cars coming to a sticky end.

Here it is with fashionable music and fireworks, two key ingredients to racing motor-vehicles:

Cover image for YouTube video

*Sips tea from Thermos flask and thinks wistfully about the golden age of rallying in the Welsh mountains.*

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