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CryCraft: Mod Minecraft Into Crysis

Would you call Minecraft in the Crysis engine Mynecraft or Minecryft? I prefer the second, because the first could be a typo, whereas the only legitimate reason for coming up with the second is if there's a Crysis mod that adds Minecraft to it. Wait, there is! And it's called... what, 'Craftable'? Seriously?

How does Minecraft work in the Cryengine? There are limitations: there's no randomly generated structures, no weapon crafting, no mining. Just a lot of blocks and space for you to build. It's closer to a proof of concept than an actual mod, but I like that it exists: it mocks the original engine's ability to make realistic vistas by dropping some classic 8-bit style visuals on the terrain. Depth of field and motion blur are all well and good, but look: we have coloured blocks!

You have a flat map, and the ability to pick and place blocks, just like in Mojang's adventure game. There are 30 different blocks to place, although they're only eye-candy: the TNT does not bring the bangs. Q brings up the selection menu, and you sort of punch the blocks into existence. Crysis always did good punching. From there it's up to you to build what you want. Just like Minecraft's Creative mode, you have unlimited blocks to make your masterpiece. Like I did. Observe!

Crysis should come with some sort of spellchecking software
Wait... damnit! Oh well, a video is a better way to see the mod in action.

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