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Treadnaughts: Gratuitous Tank Battles

Hello 2012! The observant among you may have noticed that I appeared to write something yesterday but I actually wrote that in 2011. Yesterday, I was still in a burrow eating the last needles of the Christmas tree in preparation for emergence. The first thing I saw as my eyes adjusted to the light was a developer diary for Gratuitous Tank Battles, so I brought that with me. Within, Cliff puts forward two game design proposals. One, "a sort of Upper Class World War I English General Simulator", the other a game taking place during a war that has spanned centuries, leading to battlefields strewn with laser-spewing Tiger tanks, tiny infantrymen and robots alike. He's making the latter. We must demand the former as well.

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A game with tower defense elements that questions and comments upon the horrible madness of those very elements? I approve with all my approval.

It must be noted that in the 'tanks inhabited' stakes, I am losing to Cliff by about a million tanks having never been inside a single one. Who else has been in a tank? I bet it was fun, although maybe not if you were also in a war at the time.

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