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Use Wallet On Charity - The AGS Bake Sale

Another day, another games bundle? Yes... but more importantly, also no. The AGS Bake Sale is a collection of 14 mostly point-and-clicky games that even the most hardcore adventurer won't have played yet, because all of them were written specifically for it. In addition, every last penny earned will be going straight to Child's Play, possibly in a big blue collection plate. The developers are taking nothing. Not even chocolate money. That is how much they care!

The games are an eclectic selection, including 9 Months In, about a pregnant, wrongly accused prison inmate out to prove her innocence, the somewhat Bastion-resembling Falling Skyward, and even a platform game written in the AGS engine because why not called Indiana Rodent and the Raiders of the Lost Cheese. Check them all out right here.

As ever, you get to pick your own donation, from a minimum of $1.50 to whatever your heart deems appropriate. The more you give, the happier you'll make a lot of sick kids.

Update: Looks like the site is currently under heavy load. If you know you want to donate and don't need to see the games first, here's a direct link to the (external) purchase page.

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