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Real: DNF Balls Of Steel Edition Surfaces

UPDATE: Confirmed as real, though it'll be available in America only and just here from Amazon.com.

The above image was posted on the French Duke Nukem Forever forums last night. I'm still running it through the RPS Bullshit-O-Tron, but figure even if it's fake it's an entertaining fake. And I keep thinking back to that IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Collector's Edition image that leaked and turned out to be real. HMM. I've run through what look to be the contents after the jump, or you can click on the picture for a slightly bigger one of it. Or both! Do both.

So, the Duke Nukem Forever Collector's Edition may or may not contain:

  • The game! Always a nice thing to have in a Collector's Edition, I find. It'd be embarrassing to go into a shop a say "Hello, I'd like to buy £80 of promotional tat and also the object they are advertising, please!"
  • A bust of Duke Nukem with "Carpe Nukem" on the base. In case you never wanted to have sex ever again.
  • "History, Legacy & Legend" DNF art book. I really hope you open this up and it's just a single A2 fold-out picture of the Duke raising a middle finger at the reader.
  • A DNF comic book. Maybe it's written by Kieron! It's probably not written by Kieron as the cover is not misspelled.
  • A certificate of authenticity with the number "2,000" clearly visible. Will they only be selling 2,000 collectors editions? Is it possible for there to be only 2,000 copies of something which doesn't exist? Do you think this is real, readers? Why am I asking so many questions?
  • Soem DICE
  • A deck o f CARDS
  • Two (2) poker chips. In case you wanted to conduct the world's smallest and most miserly game of poker. "I'm... ALL in!" "Steven you only have one chi--" "SHUT UP CARLOS."
  • A sticker, in case you felt something in your life did not have enough advertisements on it already. If you were wondering, yes, I am a communist.
  • Four postcards. One is from space! Silly Duke, you can't send a postcard from space.
  • A big box! This is my favourite part.

So there you have it. And by "it" I mean something that potentially may not exist. Thanks to RPS reader "LW" for sending this in. LW, if this turns out to be fake I'm blaming you.

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