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Blocks & Experience Points: Wind & Water

Puzzle/RPG hybrid Wind and Water is, I'm told, a most excellent game. I'm currently too knee deep in the also excellent Atom Zombie Smasher (thoughts soon) to wade into it, but as a few people have requested that the RPS sentinel gaze turn its way, I will at least note its recent free PC release here, so that you may enjoy it forthwith.

An indie title originally created by a Costa Rican developer for the curious, cult classic GP2X handheld, it picked up a few nominations and awards and even ended up on the strangely undying Dreamcast. Now it's on PC, and free.

The devs claim that it's "one of the most extensive, challenging, and complex puzzle games ever" and that you'll need between 30 and 100 hours to crack its RPG/puzzle hybrid play.

While it is free in its current form, if you stump up $10 they'll craft a personalised in-game avatar for you. Which is remarkably sweet of them. Go, play it! Explore and challenge its bold claims! I hope to too, once I have atom-smashed all these zombies.

Here's what it looks like on GP2X, by the way:

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