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Space Is Slippery: Cygnus

I am SO rubbish at Gravitar games. My brain just isn't equipped with the necessary dexterity for controlling a drifting ship with only one thruster. Who designs those ships, anyway? You've developed the ability to travel in space, and you only put a single thruster on your triangular ship? No brakes? No reverse thruster? Who is behind these decisions? It must have cost billions and billions of dollars to build this craft, and such an obvious piece of design not being included is just irresponsible. Imagine the population of the planet tuning in to watch its maiden voyage, the families of those on board watching on the monitors in Mission Control, as it uncontrollably smashes into the first spacewall it encounters, killing everyone on board. My second query is: who is building all those caves in space?

Meanwhile, Thunderware Games created Cygnus.

Thunderware are brothers Anthony and Nick, who make super-low-res arcade games that eat at lunchtimes. And cygnus was picked as one of IndieGames top 10 free indies from last year. They can probably get past the fifth screen. You probably can too. I'll just sit here feeling useless.

It's free, it's slick, and I am really loving having the lo-fi music scrunching away in the background as I write this. Definitely worth a look.

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