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Testing, Testing: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Bugs

In a surprise move for a videogame, free-roaming racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 "was released" last week, and is now available to buy in shops both real and imaginary the world over. You can read John's impressions of the beta here. It looks like all is not well in car land, however, as the game's shipped with some nasty technical issues across all platforms that Atari are currently working to fix. Poor cars.

Blues reports that while the game is somewhat buggy on all platforms, the PC version currently has problems relating to everything from players being unable to log in, to in-game currency disappearing, to the Lancia having purple wheels, to players being unable to remove their sunglasses (a problem I encounter outside of games on a daily basis). You can read the official bug and bugfix progress thread here.

The latest word from Atari is as follows:

We are aware of the issues that some of our players are encountering. The development team is working around the clock to rectify the situation and provide players with the ultimate Test Drive Unlimited 2 experience. We appreciate your patience and your continued passion and will be updating you on the progress.

Any of you lot playing TDU2? If so, what do you make of it? Or are you completely unaware of what TDU2 even looks like? If so, not a problem. I'm here to serve! Here's a trailer for the game's off-road racing, one of the many new features in the sequel.

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