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Bit Of Posh: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Come on open world racing games, smarten up. After the weak Need For Speed World, and the almost great Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, I'm now banking my hopes on next year's big-money, big-car Test Drive Unlimited 2. The original Test Drive Unlimited also fell into the "almost great" category, so I'm very much hoping to see even more this time. To get an idea of whether that's happening, there's a new trailer below.

Once more boasting the environments over the cars, the emphasis in advertising this game really has been the islands in which it's set, rather than the experience of being behind the wheel.

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It really is looking very pretty, and if it can get the balance of challenges versus online encounters right, it could be fun times. I'm assuming the giant pixellation in the video is Atari's poor encoding rather than the game itself. We'll find out all the answers on the 11th February (unless it slips again.)

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