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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Reveals Multiplayer

Finally a trailer for moneybags racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 that isn't about the environment. This one reveals the multiplayer modes, accompanied by some THUMPING BEATS.

So you've got "instant challenge with everyone", which is what makes the TDU idea so great. It means if you see another player in the online world, flash your lights to signal you want to prove your willy is bigger than theirs, and if they agree to it you're instantly racing.

Then you can join driving clubs, and then have club v club races. This is all part of TDU2's new lobbies and walking around on your feet business, where they're trying to emphasise the social side of the game. But of course it's ultimately about racing people in extremely expensive cars, and this is that.

There's the rather dull sounding "Follow The Leader" and "Keep Your Distance". Neither of these is richly explained, but the footage below shows the cars politely driving in formation, in the latter trying to stay an exact distance apart. Um, that can't be it. That's not crashing into things. Fortunately it comes alive with Police Chase, where the smashy-racey-crashy antics finally appear.

But what's this about "Challenge The Entire World"? I'm imagining me in my car fighting THE WHOLE WORLD. But then comes the moment when I realise that this is not a game mode, but a stupid marketing phrase that's supposed to describe the entire game. And I'm deflated. Sad. I want to sleep.

Still, it looks very sparkly.

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