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Motor Bloat: Test Drive 2 Free DLC Out

Joystiq report that the Exploration pack for Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been released! Twenty new missions, two new mission types, two new cars (a Lancia Stratos and Dodge Charger), new clothes to wear and more, as well as a bumload of bugfixes that include "Cars no longer launched into the air by glitches in the road" and "impact with tress is now less severe". Boo!

My dream online driving game would consist almost entirely of people climbing out of their cars to examine crash damage, their overweight avatars clutching their face in both hands and making noises of unfathomable sadness. Anyway, you'll find the full feature listing of the Exploration pack after the jump

Are any of you lot playing Test Drive Unlimited 2? We know about the buggy launch, and John rolled up his trousers and went paddling in the beta for a time, but is it worth one of us ripping off his top and leaping, bare-chested, into the full game for a Wot I Think? We just don't know.

New content

* 20 new events
* 2 new events types
* Extreme convoy: one mistake and the mission is over
* Timed convoy: it is a convoy mission...but with a timer!
* Each completed event gives access to a new wreck
* 20 new wrecks give 2 new cars (10 wrecks = 1 car):
* Lancia Stratos version Rallye
* Dodge charger 1969
* 3 new discovery levels
* 1 new set of clothes (explorer) Male/Female
* 2 new MP Races (Specifically for the Lancia Stratos version Rallye)
* 3D on PC & PS3
* TV Media: Help Channel (to explain new features and content)

The update includes the following Gameplay improvements:

* Players can sell their cars in the used car dealer (including cars won in duels)
* Effect of collisions with rocks and trees is now less severe
* Instant challenges have been tweaked to exclude very short or very long races
* Cruising as a passenger now unlocks roads
* Lower car-road impact sounds
* New restrictions on MP races (to stop the prevalence of top end cars in all races)
* Session lost messages are now more descriptive
* Koenigsegg CCXR performance tweaked to be competitive with Bugatti Veyrons
* Y axis inversion option added
* Additional race restrictions added to avoid Bugattis having complete dominance
* Lobby: Club cars are now allowed in multiplayer and solo modes
* We scrutinize savegames for specific hacks and take measures when they are detected
* Nat info text displayed on the Start screen if a potential network configuration problem is detected
* Lobby: « With/Without collisions » info added
* Lobby: « Inner club » & « club vs club » info icons added
* Players can now cancel on the search games loading screen
* [PC] Chat window moved and positioned according to the game mode
* [PS3] Mike & Voice IP options added
* [X360] It is now impossible to join a ranked match once it has started
* [X360] Rich presence is now more descriptive, based upon what players are doing in the game

The update includes fixes for the following documented bugs:

* Cars can be launched into the air by glitches in the road
* Cars can end up in the sky if the player goes to the map while their car is falling
* Possible to get through walls/scenery by going in and out of map mode
* Unable to enter sessions with a co-driver
* Cars sometimes turn invisible
* Unable to start a multiplayer race with the Caterham Superlight R500
* Unable to play club races with club cars
* The Final Cup can be repeated to earn the grand prize an unlimited number of times
* Missing car door interior when switching to some low-res models
* Stickers not appearing when in a friend's garage
* Invisible avatars immediately after a club upgrade
* Hawaii - collision problem on the "Hydro House"
* Collisions problems in many sectors
* Infinite loading in sticker shop when no more storage space is available
* Crash when loading a photo in MyTDUHouse
* Crash at the end of chase mode online
* Crash at end of a duel
* Crashes in chase mode & freeride
* Crash when exiting a championship challenge
* Other random crashes
* Sticker shop: Matt paint available twice, replacing metallic as an option
* Mylife Info : Incorrect number for clothes (collector box) & road unlocked (cruising box)
* Pause menu: MyLife and Player info incorrect for levels higher than 60
* Gameplay icons not removed when you press start on the results screen
* Wrecks: Instant Challenge invites still active when opening wrecks popup
* Map : Players sometimes displayed at the top-west corner of the map, in the sea
* News: Not possible to delete news items
* Club member list not updated when the president fires someone (members not notified)
* Disappearing GPS road sections on Hawaii
* Logitech on-wheel LED not accurately representing RPM and engine danger zone
* Unable to sell pre order and DLC cars in game
* Casino: Rankings not appearing correctly
* Casino: Roulette exploit
* Casino: Crash on slot machines when another player wins a jackpot and leaves the room
* Casino: Crash at level 10 cut-scene
* Casino: Crash when you use back on track at the entrance to the Casino in Hawaii
* Casino: Changing profile when you win a car makes it impossible to win or purchase cars

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