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Riiiiiiiidge Raaaceeeerrrrr: Unbounded

Via Blues I notice that Japanese driving franchise Ridge Racer (Riiiiiiiidge Raaaceeeerrrrr) is, for the first time, coming to the PC! Yes. But not the Ridge Racer you know and potentially love. No. In the increasingly common practice of Japanese publishers farming their licenses out to Western games developers, Namco Bandai has given Helsinki-based devs Bugbear (makers of the popular racing series FlatOut) the task of constructing Ridge Racer: Unbounded. And it's... well, take a look at the trailer below.

Here's the line from the press release.

"Breaking free from all the pussyfooting around tame circuits*, politely bumping into rivals' fenders**, Ridge Racer Unbounded has a new mantra – Drive, Destroy, Dominate – and it's one that's going to shake up the racing genre for good***. It’s time to break not only the rules, but plenty of cars too. You think you've seen crashes? You've seen nothing. In Ridge Racer Unbounded your car is a high-octane wrecking ball."

I do think I've seen crashes, actually. I've seen both Burnout and FlatOut and other contenders in the actually-quite-crowded genre of racing-games-with-cars-resembling-high-octane-wrecking-balls. Tell you what. Maybe they mean in Ridge Racer: Unbounded your car is literally a high-octane wrecking ball! Not sure how that'd work, but if any of you guys want to draw one and post it in the comments you should feel welcome.

Cover image for YouTube video

...oh. I guess your car is just a car. Nevermind.

* What?

** What?

*** Wow!

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