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Civ IV Accidentally Wins A Grammy

Fellow writers of RPS: you have betrayed me. And on this, the day of love? You wound me, sirs, you wound me. The title track from Civilization - aka The Greatest Gaming Moment of 2005 - won a Grammy at the weekend. It is the first piece of music originally recorded for a videogame to ever scoop a Grammy win. We should have celebrated this. We should have posted three, four, five times about it. Yet no, you did not post it during my absence today. HAVE YOU NO LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS, SIRS?*

It is the song of union, the song of peace, the song of harmony. Come, let us reforge this bond between us! Let us sing it together.

BA BA DE DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM BABA DOO DEE DOoo... Alright, I don't know any of the words, but I feel euphoric anyway. Here's how it should sound:

Watch on YouTube

While composer Christopher Tin originally composed Baba Yetu for Firaxis' 2005 strategy game, it was his inclusion of it on 2010 album Calling All Dawns that saw him scoop a nomination for 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)' in America's big-ass-deal music awards. Winning a Song Of The Year award five years after you released the song is pretty good going, too. Well done, Mr Tin, and well done to all those chaps you brought in to sing this cheerful tune.

Ah, poor old Civ 5. It had so much to live up to in Civ 4, in so many ways. When even the title screen music is instantly loveable, a game casts an intimidatingly tall shadow. Plus, it had this:

Watch on YouTube

I will never get tired of posting that. Beep long and prosper, Spocky.

* Of course they do. I'm just being outraged for comic effect. They were, of course, just too busy righteously birthing the first part of our important Importantest PC Games Ever list.

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