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Omnibus Driving Simulator Released

Released, and it's... impressive. Not even kidding. I came close to letting out a tiny gasp while watching the video below. Make no mistake, Aerosoft's Omnibus Driving Simulator might have the most impressive fidelity of any 80s West Berlin bus driver simulator ever made. I could tell you that Omnibus driving simulator depicts both the SD200 and SD202 MAN double-decker buses. I could tell you it models fully functional IBIS (integrated on-board information system). I could tell you it contains day/night cycles, weather and unique seasonal effects. But instead of that I'm going to tell you to watch the video below. No, don't watch it- breathe it in.

Watch on YouTube

Listen to the sound those windows make! Listen to the sea monster gargle of the engine! You can almost smell the eons of spilled beer, feel the misery of shitty sleep.

Shame about the character animations, but whatever. I genuinely want to play this. It could only be better if it featured acts of passenger aggression at 3am, where you're forced to park, call the police and suffer thoughtless, poisonous abuse for minutes on end.

If you're interested in Omnibus Driving Simulator too, you can buy it from here. Their version of the game's in English, and an English version of the manual will appear as a free download on Feb 23rd. If you need me I'll be right here, trying not to resist the urge to do a Wot I Think.

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