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S-hardly Fair: Mirror's Edge 2 Canned?

Edit: Superior translation added, courtesy of RPS reader Shadewind.

All aboard the speculation train to Miseryville! VG24/7 reports that Swedish site Press2Play has posted an article (Googletranslate version here) detailing a brief chat with DICE General Manager Patrick Soderlund in which he describes that development of the sequel to the 2008 parkour-inspired adventure game has "stalled". Then again, he also says that "the parties involved in the Dice now works with another" and that "Patrick himself seems to Mirror's Edge near the heart", which makes the whole thing sound more than some botched romance.

Dammit, Google! Don't worry, readers. Read the RPS fan translation after the jump.

My straight questions get straight answers. Patrick notes that Mirror’s Edge didn’t sell according to expectations and that this has prevented the sequel – which actually has been under development. EA was shown a prototype but distrustfully declined. The project has stopped – involved parties at Dice are today working on other things. Patrick himself seems to hold Mirror’s Edge close to heart but Dice unfortunately doesn’t do charity work.

It is, of course, disconcerting that EA are afraid to do Mirror’s Edge justice with a sequel and realize the winged potential that was only waiting for its chance. In a world where sequels to shitty games are piled on top of each other, it appears in our dreams as pure injustice.

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