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Eurogamer Review: Edna & Harvey

Back in 2008 it came to our attention that a German team, Daedalic, were planning a slew of new adventure titles. Of those, the environmentally themed A New Beginning has recently received it's German demo, The Whispered World has been released and was flawed but charming, and finally there was Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. It's out very soon, and my review has appeared on Eurogamer. For a taste, read on.

It's another example of something that gets so many things right that all the clanging mistakes are all the more frustrating. But unlike The Whispered World, The Breakout doesn't have that forgiveable charm. It's a scratchy game, its student project roots showing through too clearly. But then it's also packed with detail like nothing I've seen in forever. It outdoes even Time, Gentlemen Please for density of specifically written responses for using inventory items. (Although certainly not for successfully delivered comedy.) It is, if it's not too backhanded a compliment, interesting. Which certainly makes it stand out in a grubby field. I say:

Edna Bricht Aus, as it was named in its original German form, manages to be at once entertaining and frustrating, funny and bemusing, well written and incoherent gobbledygook. At every point where I thought, "You know, this might actually be quite good," five minutes later I was inevitably thinking, "This deserves to be torn apart by rabid wolves."

For the rest of that, head over here.

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