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Ice, Ice, Maybe: New Skyrim Screenshots

Yes! We no longer have to use that one shot anymore. OXM has gifted the internet with five new shots of the next Elder Scrolls game, and also some art which I have not included here because art, as everybody knows, is for the elderly. So if you "like" "art" you can view it over at OXM and if you like actual real screenshots that will put a song in your heart and make your tea taste all the sweeter you can see them all below.

Click to embiggen!

Wow! That... looks like Oblivion!

...and so does that!

...and there are the Elder Scrolls character statistics! Wow, you know what, this is all really a bit underwhelmi--

OH MY GOD DRAGON. Oh, man! Man! Look at that thing! I want to be that guy and I want to fight that dragon and I want to win. When is this game coming out again? 2011? Sounds good. Good work, Bethesda. Keep up the good work. Also, the enormous dragons. Keep up the dragons. Except when we fight them, because then I guess they'll have to keep down to the ground. Yeah. Unless you also felt like giving us a bow the size of a house and a team of men to operate it. That'd work.

Oh, alright. I will post one bit of art, too, because it's kind of like a screenshot if you squint.

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