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Oh My God It's The First Thief 4 Screenshot

Strategy Informer sends word of this, a photo posted by Eidos Montreal and subsequently picked up by French site JeuxVideo. You can find the original photo here. My feverish analysis follows.

  • As JeuxVideo points out, it's... third person! Which (again, pointed out by them) echoes this NoFrag rumour that much of the game is played in third person, including "climbing, movement and even archery". I was kind of hoping those rumours would be a dirty sack of lies, since that same post goes on to describe that the game is very linear. Hmm. Course, Deadly Shadows had the option to play in the third person, but it'd be an interesting decision if this time around that was forced on us.
  • That building in the background looks massive-normous. Ordinarly I'd call that a good sign, but if this really is a linear game (as opposed to previous Thief games, which practically encouraged you to get lost), I don't suppose it means anything.
  • I don't see a light gem. Do you see a light gem? Is it that thin-looking circular thing at the bottom?
  • WHY IS HE HOLDING THE BOW SIDEWAYS. Did Garrett become a gangbanger while we were away? Is that what this is? Maybe there will also be on-rails shooting sections where you perform drive-bys from your horse and cart.
  • It's quite bright, innit? Am I nitpicking here?
  • What happened to Thief's pseudo-steampunk magical streetlamps? Did Thief 3 jettison them from the series already? I can't remember.
  • Minimalist HUD! I am a fan.

Alright, that's all I got. Can you guys see anything else?

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