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Road Cones Protect My Head: Plants Vs Zombies

I can't tell you how crappy a day I've had. From stomach bug to exploding graphics cards, it's been a stinker. So I would like to loudly declare the complete magical happiness that PopCap's announcement has brought me. Plants Vs. Zombies looks like it will be PopCap's interpretation of a tower defence game, but details at this point are scarce. What's not scarce is a gorgeous song to accompany the news, with an adorable singing sunflower backed by a chorus of zombies. Who we don't want on our lawn. Now with video below.

Dammit, the song is so funny, but currently there's no way to embed it here. Hooray for PopCap! They've given us an embed. It's the zombie declarations, or its simply that there's a zombie dolphin, or perhaps it's the bobbing head of Peggle's sunflower. I don't know. But watching this video brings me happiness. You must go to the site and watch it again and again. You can download an mp3 of the song, apparently by Laura Shigihara, from here.

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We're hounding PopCap for more details, but at the moment you'll have to discern clues from the video, and make do with knowing it's out on 5th May.

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