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Vid-Action - King's Bounty: Armored Princess

Ooh, the first footage of the expansion for my favourite game of last year, the Heroes of Might'n'Magicky King's Bounty: The Legend. So far, all we knew was it featured an impractically-dressed female hero, a grown-up version of the parent game's Princess Amelie, a pet dragon, a pegasus and a race of angry anteater types. Can't say I feel terribly threatened by anteaters, but presumably their master plan involves more than mass insect ingestion. A pair of new videos show the game off rather better, and while editing can often achieve miracles, they do rather suggest we're in for a bigger, grander experience than the crawl'n'grind of KB's latter half. Many bosses, many ultra-powers and the option to fly across the map should make it a leaner affair.

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Excessive. Gosh, it's a pretty, silly game. Can't wait.

Looks as though there might be some direct, solo combat between your hero and various roaming bads too, presumably playing up the roleplaying elements. Looking forward to that - there was always this question over exactly what your character was actually doing while he sent all his troops off to die horribly.

Not quite so impressed by this second trailer, focusing on Amelie's 'domestic dragon'. As a boy who likes smashing up zombies, this is a little too cute for me:

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Stick with it to the end for a bonus surprise, though. 3D glasses! Wheee. I've ignored 3D-o-vision in games until now, but all those pop-up monsters in KB means it's a game that strikes me as well suited to it.

Not sure when Armored Princess is due - it was originally down for Q4 2008, which should mean it's not far off. C'mon, c'mon!

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