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Zeno Clash Compo: Ten Copies Up For Grabs

Zeno Clash goes live today on Steam and Direct2Drive, and you'll have noticed that we were really rather taken with it. The melee combat packs an extraordinary punch, accompanied by jaw-dropping world and character design. We've strongly recommended you buy it. But how about one better - we've arranged with developers Ace Team to give away ten copies of the game via Steam.

Now, clearly if you're desperate for a copy you're not going to want to wait long. So this is a speedy compo. We want you to email us via this link saying who you think would win in a fist fight between the four of us at RPS and why, before midnight GMT tonight. The best ten that respond to that question will get themselves a free copy of the splendid game. Hurrah!

Time honoured rules apply, and entries utterlymust come in to the address above, with the subject "Zeno Clash Compo Please Mister" or they will definitely not get read.

Compo closed now. An incredible number of entries. Thank you. Ten winners have received their Zeno Clash codes by email.

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